With the overwhelming requests for donations, we have changed our donation policy in an effort to try and ‘keep it fair!!’  So… donuts will be donated on a daily, first come first serve, basis and will include a $2.00 per dozen charge.

With SO many donations, this helps us cover the cost of boxes used and labor involved to get everything ready!   Thank you!

Here’s the new procedure for donation requests….

Those in need of a donation must call The Donut Hole starting at 11:00 am the day in which the donation is needed. Your name, organization name and phone number will be listed for that day and no other donations will be available for the day. Please do not call the day before or before 11:00 am the day of, or you will be asked to call back. If another organization is already listed for that day, please remember that we have other locations!!…and do feel free to try one of our other stores! J

There is no guarantee on the quantity of donuts that will be available, but remember…there are other locations you are welcome to contact…after 11:00!!

We are doing this in an effort to accommodate as many organizations as possible… thank you for your understanding!!

Should we be close to selling out, we will let you know when you call in your request!

Thank You!